Become a snorkeler

Become a Snorkeler

become-a-snorkelerThe beautiful, clear warm waters of Mediterranee Hotel's bay with stunning scenery above and below the water make it an ideal place to learn or improve your snorkelling skills, and to enjoy and appreciate the wonders of the underwater world. Pirate Divers are pleased to introduce their snorkelling programme, designed to appeal to all ages. Snorkelling is easy and a whole lot of fun. We provide you a brief theory and orientation lesson and you will also be given a mask, snorkel and fins, for your use throughout the day. We have a number of options available to snorkelers throughout the day and you are welcome to participate in one or all of them, or you may prefer to explore the bay on your own, the choice is yours.

The following options are available:

Snorkelling lesson: for those who have never snorkelled before we provide a guide to the use of equipment, practice and a short tour. For those wishing to take their snorkelling skills further we teach basic free diving.

Fish identification: a short talk about the underwater life you may see, complete with photos, followed by a short tour. How many fish can you see and identify?

Games: improve your skills and have fun - duck down under the water and swim through hoops, catch an underwater for all the family.

Price: € 30,00

Snorkelling vests are available for children and poor swimmers, however, please be advised that non-swimmers will not be able to participate in the programme. Children of all ages are welcome and parents will be expected to accompany their children in the water. 

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