Discover Scuba Diving in Kefalonia

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

Discover Scuba DivingNo matter how many television documentaries you may have seen about the underwater world, nothing can compare to the real thing. If you have always wanted to dive here's your chance! You can experience the wonders of the underwater world with our special introduction to diving. Our team of fully qualified instructors will ensure that this is the highlight of your holiday.

Pirate Divers Club has a wealth of experience in teaching diving, enabling us to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable dive possible. Almost anyone can enjoy diving and you will be surprised by just how easy it is. After a brief theory lesson and orientation, you will soon be gliding weightlessly through our amazing underwater world.

Discover scuba diving

Prices: € 80.00
Second Dive: € 50.00 Shore Dive (For boat dive there's an additional € 50.00 charge)
Photo CD: € 20.00

Notes: The minimum age for diving in Greece is 10 years. Clients aged 10 to 18 years wishing to dive must bring an authorization note signed by their parent or guardian. Children aged 10 or 11 must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian. A medical questionnaire must be completed and will be reviewed by our staff prior to diving.

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