Pirate Divers Club offers you the possibility of more than 19 different scuba diving sites from the boat or the shore depending on prevailing weather conditions. divers.

New dive sites are being regularly added to the list

Types of Dives: Wall, reef, wreck, drift, cave, canyon and night dives and the famous Christine Loma wreck.

Each of the 19 different dive sites is unique in terms of underwater topography, flora, fauna and has been carefully selected in order to make the dive as enjoyable as possible, in the safest conditions.

Weather conditions
Visibility is generally good throughout the year ranging from 10 – 30 metres for shore dives and up to 40 metres on boat dives.

Water temperature reaches 26–28 degrees Celsius in July/August and 12 – 13 degrees Celsius in March/April (the coldest months). So diving is possible throughout the year and the appropriate wet suit is available depending on the water temperature.

Currents tend to be non-existent or very mild.


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Dive 11 Warehouse
Dive 10 Cavern X 2
Dive 09 Ardena Shipwreck
Dive 08 Lobster Wall
Dive 07 Vardiani Island
Dive 06 F495 German Shipwreck
Dive 05 Blue Canyon
Dive 04 Cavern X
Dive 03 Christine Lome Shipwreck
Dive 02 Dias
Dive 01 Hotel Bay
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