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PADI Certification Courses

PADI Certification Courses Pricelist for summer season 2012

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All PADI courses are based on the principal of learning by doing, and only progressing when the necessary skills have been mastered. Should you need extra dives in order to satisfactorily perform the required skills, there are no extra charges.

The minimum age for diving in Greece is 10 years and all students between the age of 10 and 18 must have the written consent of their parents or guardian.



PADI Certification Courses Pricelist for summer season 2012

Remember, when you follow a course you are still on vacation. It is no problem if you want to dive one day and have the next one free as courses do not have to be completed on consecutive days.

We will design your course programme to suit your holiday itinerary.

Click on the various courses, to your left, to see your options.

You may begin with Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)!



Courses available include the following:

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