PADI Rescue Diver

padi-rescue-diver-2For Advanced Open Water and Emergency First Responders qualified divers.

The PADI Rescue Course is serious fun, teaching you to look beyond yourself to consider the wellbeing and safety of others. You will learn how to recognise and prevent problems, and, if necessary manage emergencies. The in-water training culminates exercises are designed to build up your confidence and abilities to enable you to handle a range of situations from a tired diver, through search patterns to recovering an unconscious diver. The in-water training culminates in a series of accident scenarios giving you the opportunity to put your new skills into practice. Our team participates in these scenarios and many deserve 'diving Oscars' for their performance as injured divers!


padi-rescue-diver-1Knowledge development is through a combination of self-study using the PADI Rescue manual, video and instructor presentation leading to a final theory exam.

The PADI Rescue Diver qualification is generally considered a must if you plan to dive without professional supervision.

Price: € 400.00 (not including manual)



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